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Oh No, Same Dress!

By: Vicky S.

Red Carpet

My worst nightmare? Probably going to a party, all dressed up and with perfect hair and make-up, only to discover that some other girl is wearing the exact same outfit.

For female celebrities, being spotted in the same outfit as another celeb is not just embarrassing: photo comparisons will be all over the media as soon as the next day. So should we feel sorry for them? No way! Time for some shameless judging.

1. Christina vs. Sheryl

Christina Aguilera Sheryl Crow

Verdict: 1-0 For Christina: this beautiful red dress looks much better on someone with hips.

2. Mena vs. Gwen

Mena Suvari Gwen Stefani

Verdict: The coat really doesn't look all that great on either one of 'm, but Gwen does look better wearing it.

3. Molly vs. Fergie

Molly Sims Fergie

Verdict: Molly's skin tone is a better match for the white dress, but it suits Fergie's body better. Fergie wins.

4. Diane Kruger vs. Celine

Diane Kruger Celine Dion

Verdict: I really must hand this one to Celine: she looks stunning!

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