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Oh No, Same Dress!

By: Vicky S.

12. Jennifer vs. Natalie Cole

Jennifer vs. Natalie

Verdict: The dress looks much prettier in blue than in green, so this is an unfair match.

13. Denise vs. Rose vs. Molly

Denise vs. Rose vs. Molly

Verdict: Denise is the only one who looks great in this dress: Rose looks too pale and I don't like Molly's jacket.

14. Lauren Santo Domingo vs. Lindsay vs. Sarah Jessica Parker

Lauren Lindsay SJP

Verdict: Poor SJP, her 'exclusive' dress turned out to not be so exclusive after all. So who looks best in it? Definitely not Lindsay. It's a toss between Lauren and Sarah.

15. Geri vs. CariDee

Geri and CariDee

Verdict: CariDee looks sickly, but Geri looks like something right out of a horror movie. This one goes to CariDee.

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