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Oh No, Same Dress!

By: Vicky S.

16. Fergie vs. Hilary

Fergie vs. Hilary

Verdict: With a sexy dress like this, you need to show off a sexy attitude. Fergie wins.

17. Vanessa vs. Tori

Vanessa vs. Tori

Verdict: Umm. Wow. Can't say I love the dress, but it seems to look better on Tori's curvy body.

18. Jessica vs. Celine

Jessica vs. Celine

Verdict: It's miraculous how this dress manages to make even skinny Celine look fat. Jessica Alba, on the other hand, looks flawless.

19. Kylie vs. Jennifer

Kylie vs. Jennifer

Verdict: The yellow color looks better on a tan body, so this one goes to Jennifer.

10. Eva vs. Kate

Eva vs. Kate

Verdict: Eva wears the dress (coat?) with more class.

11. Eve vs. Venus

Eve vs. Venus

Verdict: Not much difference between these two ladies, though Eve has too many accessories.

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