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Oh No, Same Dress!

By: Vicky S.

11. Paris vs. Audrina

Paris vs. Audrina

Verdict: I don't like the legging, shoes, hat and sunglasses that Paris is wearing much, so this one goes to Audrina.

12. Celine vs. Ellen

Celina Dion vs. Ellen Pompeo

Verdict: This dress definitely needs a belt: Celine wins.

13. Katherine vs. Paris

Katherine Heigl vs. Paris Hilton

Verdict: Sorry Katherine, but you're showing too much pale skin. Paris does a better job wearing this same dress.

14. Britney vs. Geri

Britney vs. Geri

Verdict: Britney looks stunning in this golden dress. Geri: not so much.

15. Hayden vs. Eva

Hayden vs. Eva

Verdict: Hayden is the winner, hands down, but she should get rid of the bag.

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