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Gifts For Geeks: 10 Must-Visit Online Stores

By: Donna Smith & Robert S.

6. Design by Humans

Design by Humans

(Even?) Geeks like to look pretty sometimes. The T-shirts of Design by Humans were all designed by visitors to the website, and the artistic talent is amazing. Look around the galleries a bit until you find something with a robot, monkey, pirate or ninja -- or something else completely, of course. Great prices, too!

7. General Robots

General Robots

If there's one important life lesson that the Transformers, Bender and R2-D2 taught us, it's that robots are awesome. At General Robots, they are taking their robots very seriously. Great stuff for geeks of any age.

8. ThinkGeek


This list wouldn't be complete without ThinkGeek, probably the most well-known online store for geek products. They have a huge collection of T-shirts, toys, gadgets and books, amongst other things.

9. Discovery Channel Store

Discovery Channel Store

The online Discovery Channel Store has some great educational toys, DVD's, clothing and gadgets.

10. Sciplus

Sciplus The American Science & Surplus store has a large collection of odd yet amusing products. Items range from oscilloscopes, record-and-book read-along sets of Star Trek, a park bench shaped like a dinosaur femur, to radio-controlled rats.

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