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Top 25 Funniest Public Misspellings

By: David S.


Some public misspellings are too funny not to share. The following is a list of the 25 funniest public misspellings we've ever encountered.

25. Pubic roll call

Ahh, those dreaded pubic roll calls. So embarassing.

Source: unknown.

24. Here's to the Hereos!

Mr. Jack Hereo and his wife were pleasantly surprised when they visited Round Up last weekend.


23. Zo Parking?

No Parking

Mirrorman strikes again.

Source: unknown.

22. Hoping no one notices

After years of lousy business, John finally decided to move from the raditor to the radiator business.


21. Ouch

How many people will have hit their head trying to figure out what the sign said?


20. Visit our desert!

If your kids get annoying, you can always leave them in the desert.


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