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The 21 Biggest Fashion Faux Pas

By: Julie Michelle Smith

12. Crop Tops (Belly Shirts)

Crop Top

Don't wear a crop top unless you are really thin, and then still don't wear it because it will almost always make you look slutty. Thongs with low-cut jeans are out of the question as well, but we reckon you'd figured that out already.

13. Boots With Shorts

Boots with Shorts

If it's warm enough to wear shorts, you shouldn't be wearing boots. And if it's so cold you are wearing boots, you shouldn't be wearing shorts. Stop messing with our heads.

14. Checkered Golf Pants

Checked Golf Pants

Oooh they're so nasty. Even on the golf court they're horrible. Why would you wear them elsewhere, too?

15. Neon Shoelaces

Neon Laces

The Eighties called: they want their laces back. Neon is evil, remember that.

16. Slogan Shirts

It's okay if you have no sense of humor, but do you really need to be proud of it?

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