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20 Easy Ways To Make Money Fast

By: Tom S.

11. Offer online help

If you own a computer and have Internet access, then this can be one of the ways to make money quickly and legally. Sometimes blog managers will pay for posters to add a few paragraphs of comments to their sites while others will be glad if you moderate their forums. You can also become a freelancer and sign up to Or you can make photos and sell them on

12. Become a babysitter or petsitter

Ask money for babysitting or watching over someone's pets. If you like this type of activity, you can also expand it into a small business.

13. Rent out a room

This is an especially good option if you live near a university. You might have to give up a room in your house, but the money is decent.

14. Put clothes on consignment

Any type of clothing in good condition can be put on consigment. You share the money from the sale with the shop.

15. Make other people's homework

Offer to do people's work for them, such as homework, and ask $1.00 per sheet of paper.

16. Find money

Keep an eye out where people handle money a lot, for instance near supermarkets, school cafeterias, soda machines, etc. Check the coin return slots in vending machines. Look behind them for change that has rolled out of sight. Check around parking lots of night clubs and bars in the morning hours before traffic starts moving. It is amazing what people will drop when they are drunk, tired, and distracted.

17. Request a loan

You can request a bank loan by inquiring with local banks and financial companies to see what you are qualified for, and what their rates, terms and conditions are. You can also take a loan from a payday loan company. If you are planning to apply for a loan from a bank, credit union or a payday loan, first inquire about their rate of interest, terms, and fees before signing any documents.

18. Sell homegrown veggies or home-baked cookies

You don't have to have a farm to produce delicious organic produce, and you don't need to be a master chef to bake cookies. Present your food in an attractive way to sell more.

19. Wash cars

You can make good money by washing cars: most people are too lazy to do it themselves.

20. Make online surveys

Sites like and pay you money for completing online surveys.

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