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Top 10 Cutest Celebrity Kids

By: Diana F.

Cute Celebrity Kids

What do the children of celebrities look like? We've listed the top ten cutest celebrity kids.

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10. Matilda Williams Ledger (Daughter of Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger)

Matilda Williams Matilda Williams Matilda

It's heartbreaking that little Matilda Williams Ledger won't be able to grow up with her father: they look so happy together on the second photo. Matilda is not just a pretty girl: her eyes reveal a beautiful soul as well.

9. Suri Cruise (Daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise)

Suri Suri Suri

Suri Cruise is almost unnaturally beautiful. Will she grow up to be a snob, or will she keep her head cool?

6. Brooklyn and Romeo (Sons of David and Victoria Beckham)

Brooklyn and Romeo look exactly like their dad David Beckham. Will they grow up to become famous soccer players as well?

7. Kingston Rossdale (Son of Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani)

Kingston Rossdale is probably the coolest 2-year-old ever. A future heartbreaker for sure!

6. Sam and Lola Rose Richards (Daughters of Denise Richards)

Denise Richard's two daughters Sam and Lola Rose are just as pretty as their mother.

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