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Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

By: Julie Michelle Smith

9. Nikki Cox


Nikki Cox


The result of Nikki's plastic surgery is that she now looks like she has some kind of permanent allergic reaction. And she was so pretty before!

10. Priscilla Presley



Priscilla's plastic surgery isn't really all that awful (considering she's from 1946!) but it sure is scary. Besides, it seems like she can only have one facial expression.

11. Joan van Ark


After (click to enlarge)

Poor Joan shocked the world with photos right after she underwent plastic surgery. Let's hope she learned her lesson!

12. Lil' Kim



We pretty much hate everything about this transformation: the lip collagen, brow lift, cheek implants and the nose job (can you imagine what a fortune the surgery must have cost?) Please go back to your natural (pretty) look, Lil' Kim!

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